Gripping and Grinning … It’s Not For Everyone


There are sooooo many things wrong with this picture — me wearing pink is not one of them. I make pink ruggedly handsome (well, not in this picture).

Let’s start with the look on my face. It’s somewhere between befuddlement and constipation. At this point I’m not sure whether the camera just happened to catch my face weird, or if that’s what I really look like. I’m slowly coming to grips with the latter. The cigarette dangling from my mouth does nothing to make the picture more attractive, as it only proves my very weak will (don’t smoke kids). The fish is nothing impressive, although it is my first river striper, ergo the grip and not-so-much grin. Also I’m pretty sure I look fatter than I do when I stand naked in front the mirror and flex for hours (and hours) on end.

I used to want a grip and grin with any fish worth a damn. I’d take client grip and grins with any fish. I’ve got memory cards full of these from over the years. But I contend there isn’t a good one among the whole damn bunch. I also contend we would all be happier with our fish pictures on the whole if we weren’t in them. Take pics of fish, not people. People are ugly and boring, like me. The fish is where the focus should be. In the same vein, I promise from this day forward, I will never ever again subject any of you to anything like this picture again.

~ Dave

One thought on “Gripping and Grinning … It’s Not For Everyone

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