BENCH PRESS: Tarpon Toad Variation – Rick Worman

As SCOF is getting ready to split ourselves into two locations (to better serve you?) we thought you might like a sample from our new South/South location….. and our newest contributor – Rick Worman.

scof_banana river_seinberg_2015


The tarpon toad is one of the most effective flies ever developed for enticing the silver king. Since its creation it has been tied in many different variations but the original blue print remains the same. Combining natural materials with some of today’s synthetics make this a relatively easy pattern to tie that is highly effective. The fly has a great profile and when stripped properly the natural movement triggers some amazing eats. I prefer to use this pattern while sight fishing strung out fish in clean water.


Hook- Gamakatsu SC15 size 1/0 
Thread- Chartreuse Flat Waxed Nylon
Eyes- Medium black bead chain
Tail- Chartreuse Marabou/ Chartreuse Cross-cut Rabbit 
Body- Green EP Tarantula Brush

Step 1– Begin the thread wraps just behind the hook eye.

Step 2– Tie in the bead chain eyes and continue the thread wraps to the bend of the hook.

Step 3– Tie in the marabou tail using a nice single feather.

Step 4– Tie in a strip of the cross-cut rabbit making sure the fur is pointing towards the rear of the hook.

Step 5– Palmer the rabbit strip forward making two nice wraps, secure the rabbit strip and trim off excess

Step 6– Tie in the tarantula brush.

Step 7– Palmer the tarantula brush forward making nice even wraps, tie off the brush right behind the bead chain eyes and trim off the excess.

Step 8– advance the thread in front of the bead chain eyes and build a even thread head, whip finish and cement.

Step 9– trim the tarantula brush body to desired shape.

For information about booking a trip with Captain Rick Worman in the Central Florida area visit his website:  or call 321-525-3893

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