Just The Tyin’ Tip Wednesday


Some of you might remember how my last “tips” post went, so lets cross our fingers this go around….

If you’re a beginner fly tier you are using too much dubbing. I did…Steve did…we all did. Next time you pull dubbing out to wrap around a hook, take half of what you pulled out and set it aside. Then take half of what you have left, and make another small pile. The itsy bitsy, teensy weensy bit of dubbing you have left is what you will actually need. This principal works for most of the fibers you have on your tying desk, by the by. Enjoy your wednesday.

– Dave

8 thoughts on “Just The Tyin’ Tip Wednesday

  1. I typically use a single strand at a time, which I then strip into individual molecules using the super collider in my basement.

  2. Glad I read Gink and Gasoline, or I would never have found this place. It makes me even less productive at work .

    • Not yet today between 6 am when I went to work and just now when I got home today from my two other jobs. But I’ll fix it now. I’d hate for an extra o to ruin everyone else’s day.

  3. Who care about grammar, The word “too” can mean ”in excess” and can mean “also,” or ”as well” or ”along with” or ”in addition to something.”

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