Head Colds and What Sucks In Fly Fishing


This is intended to be a running list so please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below:

  • Guide Drama Sucks
  • Poaching Sucks
  • Putting on waders Sucks
    • Conversely, Taking the waders off Sucks
  • Tying Blood Knots Sucks
  • 6x Sucks
  • Wind of course Sucks
  • Having a real job Sucks
  • Boat batteries dying Sucks
  • Hipsters fly fishing Sucks (wear bigger clothes)
  • Fishing for Musky Sucks (let’s be honest with ourselves here)
  • Getting front-fucked Sucks
  • Flats trolling Sucks
  • Anything under a size 20 Sucks
  • Living by generation schedules Sucks
  • Someone breaking your rod Sucks
  • Flying Sucks
  • Underwear Sucks in general
  • Blowing Shots Sucks
  • Guides Freezing Sucks
  • Floating lines that don’t float Sucks
  • Your buddies catching fish while you sit at home Sucks
  • The Moon Cycle Sucks
  • Rod Storage in rafts Sucks
  • KFC Sucks
  • Losing stream access Sucks
  • Food poisoning from gas station sushi Sucks
  • My poor decision making Sucks
  • Litter Sucks

Once my head cold clears up and I’m in a better space mentally I’ll do a “What Rocks in Fly Fishing List” just so nobody thinks I’m always a Debbie Downer….Wahhhhhhh…..Wahhhhhh……Wahh. Until then, What else?………….

– Dave

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