Enough Is Enough

asshole-300x207Hate mail is not something we have had to deal with a lot here at SCOF. I know, surprising right? A few emails here and there requesting that I wash my “filthy sailor mouth” out with soap (probably wouldn’t be the worst thing for me), but nothing truly hateful. That was until the other day. The comment below was left on our Just the Tips post:

Why are you sending me dumbass “tips” for “newbs”??? I hope you trip over your pant tucked socks while tying shitty weak knots around your fingers. No one cares. No more excuses, go die in a fire like a pro newb.

The only name associated with this gem was, “Dustin.” Well Dustin, welcome to my wrath. Let’s start off with the fact that I didn’t send you anything, you subscribed. It is just as easy to unsubscribe. For all of our sakes, please do so now. Now telling me to go die in a fire, well, if you said it my face I’d punch you in the mouth. Lucky for you, you’re a giant vagina (no offense to vaginas here folks), and you said it anonymously on the Internet. My email is in the contact info, I will send you my address, or you could give me yours and we could do this face to face. I know it might be hard to pry you out of your mother’s basement. But one day, if you’re gonna say shit like this, you should do it to someone’s face so they can beat you about the head and the shoulders until you cry like the little bitch that you truly are.

With that being said, why so angry Dustin? How is it that 250 words could make you so angry that you would feel the need to anonymously wish me a fiery death, and even worse, broken knots? Is it that you believe so strongly that newcomers to the sport are beneath you? Were you born with a fly rod in your hand? If so, I have some serious questions as to the size of your mother’s birth canal and how it got that way. Gaping birth canals aside, I think you might be missing the point. New people to the sport mean more people who actually give a shit about protecting the places we love. Newcomers to the sport also mean that those of us who love fishing enough to make it our careers might actually be able to eek out a respectable living at it one day. Maybe. Instead of being an asshole, which you clearly are, why not be a nice guy and introduce the sport to someone you know? It’s way better than being an asshole, trust me.

I don’t bring this up today because Dustin hurt my feelings. Quite honestly, I don’t really have “feelings.” I bring this topic up because this anonymous Internet bashing bullshit has got to stop. At least in our little fly fishing corner of the web. Most of us are not teenage girls. Posting hateful things anonymously is about as cowardly as shoving an old lady to the side when someone yells fire. If you have something to say, say it to someone’s face or at least print your full name so we can find you. Or maybe do us all a favor and keep your hate-filled swill to yourself. It’s probably the reason no one likes you in your non-Internet life, too. So to sum up here, if you can’t take a beating like a man, stay off your computer.

P.S. Dustin, I know who you are.

– David Grossman

10 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough

  1. “might actually be able to eek out a respectable living one day at it”
    If you’re going to dream, might as well dream big

  2. Sounds like someone’s been lurking on the Drake. …and obviously doesn’t get it.

    Keep doing that voodoo that you do, Dave.

    -The guy with the joint outside Streamer Lovefest

  3. “and even worse, broken knots”

    Probably not the time to chortle, but I did.

    Well played. Subscribing. Since I can use a computer, fly fish poorly, and drive a car , I trust myself to be capable enough to unsubscribe if necessary. I can only hope to handle such a burden of responsibility better than Dustin.

  4. We should have a “beer summit” to resolve this… but unlike the President’s beer summits ours should involve all us drinking beer while we buy Dave shots of hard liquor and put the idea in his head that a lynch mob is the new cool thing to do and take a booze cruise to go hunt down Doucher Dustin and give him some “tips”

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