Just The Tip…Tips


Here are some tips that may seem obvious to a lot of you, but we aren’t doing this for you…so shut up. We often take for granted that there are always new people to the sport milling around and things we do out of muscle memory often draw blank vacant looks from those amongst the uninitiated. So here’s a few tips for you newbs so you don’t look like such newbs next time you’re out on the water.

  • Tuck your pants into your socks when you put on waders. This will keep your pant legs from riding up. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people I see reaching down their wader legs rooting around like they have  a bad case of crabs.
  • When storing your rod on the water, hook your fly to an eye high up on the rod and then loop your line around the reel. This will keep your leader to line knot out of your tip-top guide and will also save you from asking me to pull the knot out of the guide for you. I will say no.
  • When tying on a dropper, it is way easier to tie the improved cinch knot around your finger than the point fly. When you try to tie that knot around the point fly you usually wind up pushing the knot off the bend of the point fly hook. Also, you look stupid. Tie the thing around your finger, slip the loop onto the point fly, tighten, trim, fish…in that order.
  • If you’re not catching fish change something. The fly, the weight, the depth, something. Change something.

Now you have no excuses, go out there and look like a pro.

– Dave

7 thoughts on “Just The Tip…Tips

  1. Why are you sending me dumbass “tips” for “newbs”??? I hope you trip over your pant tucked socks while tying shitty weak knots around your fingers. No one cares. No more excuses, go die in a fire like a pro newb.

    • Wow Dustin, first off let me say I’m sorry…that you were born an asshole. As for the rest of my response please check in tomorrow on the blog where I will fully rip you a new asshole.

    • Poor, Poor Dustin, no one cares about how you feel on the issue, this is a blog with subscriptions, uncheck the box or unsubscribe. Go do your bitching somewhere else.

      -Every Fly Fisher in the World

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