Old Man South Fork Skiff Update


Thought I’d give everyone a quick update on the skiff restoration. As you can see above there is now no turning back. Every seat, bench, lid, piece of rotted wood, screw, bolt and nut have been removed and have taken up residence all over the garage floor. Stripping the boat took a few hours. Why is it always easier to destroy than it is to create? Stripping everything out left me with more questions than answers quite honestly. I have no idea how I want to run rod storage, nor do I have any clue how I can get the cup holder to stay down when I pull on the anchor rope underneath it. It’s a good thing I got a lot of sanding time this weekend to think about it. In further updates, I have talked to my wood guy and all the wood needed for the gunnels, seats, front plate and rear anchor plate are going to be black walnut and are now in the queue at the mill. After a lot of sanding the old boat will be then heading off to Todd Gregory at Towee Boatworks for some fiberglass love and once again back home for paint and assembly. Stay tuned for more updates as this classic becomes whole again.

– Dave

4 thoughts on “Old Man South Fork Skiff Update

  1. I rebuilt the top side of my raft with this stuff they call kousa board, it’s 45-50% lighter than plywood in that thickness. I cut it, sanded it, primed and oil base painted it. I like it. The company said they used it for transoms.
    email me if you want to see pics.

    • Bill,

      between the weather and work a little break from sanding forced my hand. should have it finished sanding and over to Todd at towee next week. look for a post in a couple of weeks

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