Southern Fried Friday


I have no problem admitting that over the past year I’ve been fishing a lot less. Life happens I guess, and even though I fish a lot more then 80% of my other friends it still blows. So when I do get to have a whole day on the water only one thing I crave. But after a year of 8-ting my arm off, and seeing more fish then I can remember. Questions start popping up in your head, “may be I should have went trout fishing”. Don’t get me wrong browns do it for me every once in a while. But there is something about flies that literally fill a bucket, and a 550 sink that really gets it going. Cause when it happens there is nothing like it that I have experienced. Pure chaos of a deep eat, a solid strip set, winding line around a tree, and the feeling of almost breaking my H2. I guess I’m just lucky, but I’ll take that any day.



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