Al Kellar: The Myth, The Man, The Ever Weirdning Facial Hair

There are a lot of good guides in the Louisiana marsh, but there is only one that can pull off a two-tone beard/goatee with the stature and aplomb of Al Keller. Al is one of those guys that produces fish every single day. I know a lot of people whose best day of fishing came with Al on the platform, including my bastard compatriot Steve. On a recent trip Steve brought twenty something fish to hand with very few under ten pounds. That’s a whole heap of redfish in case you were wondering. Al is SCOF approved and one helluva guide. Check him out at Nola Guides, because every time Al books a trip, a redfish poops his pants.

image 2 image 6 image 8 image 11 image 14 image 16 image P1050819 P1050828 P1050836 P1050843 P1050866 P1050880

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