The Fall 2014 “White Issue” Is Better Than Twerking

SCOF_13Against all odds, as well as ration and reason, we have made it to the three-year point in the magazines debaucherous arc. Wow. Whould’a thunk it right? Well as we pass the three year barrier and move onto the fourth we would be remiss in not giving a big ‘ol virtual hug to everyone that’s helped get us here. That includes all of our contributors, the magazine really wouldn’t be all that good it it was just Steve and I’s perspective all the time. That fact that so many folks around the South have given so much time and effort to us is really amazing. To all of our readers in the South, and elsewhere, we owe you guys at least a hug if not a kiss on the mouth, and y’all got some really perty mouths. And to our advertisers, you guys deserve the whole heavy petting shebang because you folks are carzy enough to give two guys like us money. Poor judgement on your part maybe, but we really do appreciate it. So click on the cover if you haven’t read the magazine yet, or if you want to read it again, or if you want to really help our analytics out and click it from as many computers that you can get your hands on. Also, go over to our Facebook page and sign up for a free Mystic Inception 8wt Rod and a whole pile of SCOF Swag.

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