You’re dead asleep, or you just got off work and you get the call. We have all had it, you’re rolling in 15 what do you grab? I’ve been grabbing the same 8wt over and over and over and over and over…… have I made my point? All my friends that cast it say the same thing “it’s bad Ace”, straight out of Michigan it’s the Mystic Inception.

I honestly can’t say enough for this rod, for the past year I’ve quite literally used this rod twice a week. Fresh or salt water, floating lines, sinking lines, bass popper, and trout streamers. If an 8wt is meant to throw it then I have cast it. But with all of that being said lets break it down a bit.

It comes only in a 5wt and 8wt model. I’ve cast both, but the 8wt is what I own and speak so highly about, it’s a cannon. Each rod is a 9ft, smooth, medium-fast action rod, for those sniper shots at tailing reds or rising trout. It boasts a deep blue blank with a small silver style around each guide. The 8wt has a solid fighting butt and a hefty handle for firm grip. It only comes with a rod sock for transport, but most of the time my rods stay rigged and rarely see the sock or tube. Here is the kicker; this rod is quality and yet still affordable. At 120$ retail for the 8wt and 100$ for the 5wt you really can’t beat it. Yes, I do have other 8wts that literally cost 3 times as much as the Mystic. When it comes down to it you pick up what you have the most confidence in, no matter what the cost.

I know I sound like a cheerleader and really have nothing negative to say about this stick. So, call me what ever you want, with an entry-level price point and a high-end feel, this rod is perfect for a beginner, backup, or an everyday go to. After the first time you lay one out with it you wont be picking up another rod for a while.



    • Sorry about that, it’s linked now. And quite honestly what do you expect?… he’s an intern. Just a heads up the Inception is not on their website. I would just email them about it.

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