Reading…It’s Like Watching TV With Words



I have wanted Tosh Brown’s life since I first heard of this renaissance man a good while back. Fishing travel booking agent, international fishing/hunting photographer extraordinaire, fishing book publisher, PAID writer and from what I hear…one helluva a good guy. Yeah, there’s a lot to be envious about. Top of the Flood walks us through Tosh’s life in fishing up to this point, and now I’m even more jealous. From trout waters to exotic flats Tosh has seen it all, and even more importantly has acquired a collection of stories that is at the same time Gierarch-esque but I think more relatable in the way. It seems like Tosh and the reader could be swapping war stories over a beer at the bar instead of some unattainable tale of piscatorial quandaries. From shitty sports to really shitty kidney stones in foreign countries, Tosh doesn’t hold back the good ones. Here I have to admit that as an amateur collector of stories myself, Tosh has put my meager collection of drunken buffoonery to shame…to shame.

If this glowing review hasn’t convinced you to buy the book or you just happen to be illiterate…Paul Pucket, SCOF Illustrator and International Man Of Art, did all the illustrations…and he draws pretty.

Order yours here.

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