Astral Rassler: Rasslin’ Never Felt So Fine

P1050132 Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.52.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.53.08 AM

Like many young men that grew up during a certain era in the South rasslin’ conjures up memories of going off the top rope, of the couch, and reigning hell’s fury on your buddy with a flying burrito to the mid-section. Yes, before youtube videos of idiots with wrestling rings in their backyards was popularized we, just like many of you, were beating the snot out of each other with no documentation necessary. So if you’re going to invoke the name “Rassler”, whatever you’re doing better impress like a pile driver to your little brothers dome.

Asheville based Astral designs has been a mainstay in the whitewater industry for years with emphasis put on the word water. Astral designed the Rassler to be lightweight, drain well, and be as comfortable on rock and trail as it is in the water you’re on the rock and trail to get to. Stealth rubber soles give the shoes enough stick for casual wading as a bonus.

I’ve been putting on my Rasslin’ shoes mainly in the drift boat when I know I’m gonna need to get out and push a few spots or hop out to do a bit of easy wading. So far so good. I hate wearing wading boots in the boat during the summer and my Chaco’s are a little to open toe for some of my river bottoms and currents. The only thing I can think of I might change (definitely not the name) is offering a different color than black so my feet don’t roast on bluebird days, but the optional chartreuse laces make up for it because now I finally have shoe laces to match my Clousers.

Check them out here, and go clothesline your buddy, he’ll appreciate it.

– Dave

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