You wanted it? Well now you got it….



Steve and I are good listeners. We often sit around the office just listening to each other. We’re also good huggers, but that’s neither here nor there. We have now turned our listening skills to you, our faithful SCOF readers and fans. For a while now y’all have been asking us for more and more content. It’s never enough is it? Well here you go you ungrateful ingrates. The blog is back alive! We will post weekly…gear reviews, trip reports, our mothers recipes, as well as all other kinds of nonsense…all in the name of keeping the content motor burnin’ oil. Since we have been blog-less for a while now, as an act of good faith, we will post everyday this week. So bask in the glory that is SCOF daily…for this week…and next week…weekly. Go forth and procreate our minions….we said procreate.

– Dave



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