IFTD All Wrapped Up Like A Pig In A Blanket

We’re back In Asheville after a few days in Reno attending our very first International Fly Tackle Dealers show (IFTD). Being babes in the industry it amazed me every time I got a chance to talk to big players in the industry that they not only knew who we were but actually told us that what we were doing didn’t suck. We got to meet a lot of people whose names we only knew from magazines and books, see a lot of gear that we had only heard rumors of, and tilt a few back with some our all time favorite fly fishing degenerates….you know who you are. If you’re into the industry scene you’re gonna hear a lot about of the future of IFTD over the next few weeks, but whether the show goes on or gets folded into another more general mega show all we can say is that we had a blast and really appreciate the warm welcome we got. Keep an eye out in the Fall issue for favorite gear pics from the show. Until then enjoy our instagram gallery from the show.

– Dave

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