Access Alert

Got a recent email from Dwayne Hopson about disturbing recent events on the Nolichucky. Read on revolutionaries;

“This past week the US Forest Service installed three metal posts which blocks access to the Poplar Boat Launch on the Nolichucky River in North Carolina.You can no longer back a trailer to the river to load/unload a fishing raft. This eliminates the ability to float the river from Huntdale Road/Sams Branch Road to Poplar as well as Poplar to Erwin, TN. This eliminates about 12 miles of river access to fishing rafts. While they blocked the access they also improved it by putting down gravel all the way to the river. Why improve it, then block it????

 Please contact the US Forest Service in Burnsville, NC and ask them to remove the posts.

 Appalachian Ranger District

District Ranger, Tina Tilley

P.O. Box 128

Burnsville, NC 28714

(828) 682-6146

 This decision is detrimental to some people’s businesses and livelihood and to some people’s ability to simply enjoy a great section of river.

 Thanks for your help.

Dwayne Hopson

Do with this what you will, but I for one am kind of sick of access’ with ballards making it an absolute pain in the ass to float and fish on a lot of rivers around here. I’ve been told Squeak Smith is on it, so you know someone’s already getting an earful.

– Dave

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