We Encourage Reader Participation

You may have caught my reference to my complete inability to create a graph in the, Nothing Good Happens After 6pm…., piece in the summer issue. Well, SCOF reader Phil Ford decided that my mental shortcomings are no reason  keep from making one kick ass graph. So, via Phil, we present the Asshole/Trout Inverse Relationship…graphically.

Pretty impressive Phil…pretty impressive. In order to keep the participation train rolling, we’ll be taking the SCOF show on the road. If you’re in Knoxville tonight come on by 3 Rivers Angler to say hello, gimme an inappropriate hug, and tell me about your grandma. Oh yeah if that wasn’t enough there will be boats, beer, and enough dudes with criminal records to warrant a RICO investigation. We’ll be heading south on Saturday to catch the East Cape Skiffs event down at Low Country Fly Shop (which just happens to be owned by SCOF contributor Scotty D). The same goes for Charleston as Knoxville with the boats, beer, and such. But in Charleston I would ask that after the inappropriate hug, you tell me about your Aunt. Aunt’s always get the shaft. We hope to see all of you at some point…even if you don’t know we’re the ones in the weird van outside your house.

– Dave

2 thoughts on “We Encourage Reader Participation

  1. The discovery and description of the Asshole/Trout Inverse Relationship deserves a Nobel Prize as it is the greatest discovery since Milton Friedman demonstrated the complexity of stabilization policy.

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