Thanks A Lot Everyone

It’s still a little weird to Steve and I that people actually read the mag. If you meet us, you’ll know what I mean…socially awkward to say the least. Even with our doubts and trepidations it seems like a lot of people are reading the mag. For that we would like to give a big ol sloppy wet thank you to all of you. For those folks who have been kind enough to write kind words about the issue on the intranet, we haven’t forgotten you either…get on over here. And finally we would like to thank all of our contributors and advertisers for making this thing happen. Now that we have the largest group dude hug on earth going, let’s keep it going. Keep reading the mag, keep throwing it up on forums, and keep sharing it amongst your friends because feeling this good can’t be bad. On a side note I’ll be at 3Rivers Angler in Knoxville for their monthly beer tasting. If you’re in town come on out and check out the new Hog Island skiff, grab some SCOF swag and let me show y’all just how grateful we are.

– Dave

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