Mondays Are A Good Day For Some Learnin’

Getting to know a piece of water is usually the best way to be successful on it. I say usually because sometimes getting to know a piece of water too well closes you off to trying new things. Case in point; I’m on a pretty well known tailwater that I have fished a a lot over the past ten years, with a buddy that doesn’t tend to get over the mountain as much as he would like. I am locked into figuring out what stage, size, and colors of the naturals will be the next one for these trout to refuse. My buddy is on the same wavelength for most of the day. By the end of the day limited success has sent me into a PBR fueled shame spiral, while my friend decides to give the naturals the finger and throw junk. I am usually the first one to dive into the junk box and tie on a Twinkie, but on this river, with these fish you just assume they’re a little to uppity to eat anything that starts with the word squirmy in it. Well four healthy trout later, I was the first one to admit that “knowing” this river was the only thing standing between me and a better day of fishing. So, in the role of Aesop here, let me go ahead and get to the moral of my little tale; you might think you know a piece of water, but don’t let that attitude cut you off from trying stuff outside of what you’ve always done there. I guarantee there are a ton of other jackasses who think they “know” that water and are probably throwing the same stuff you are because that’s what “works”. ¬†Against the grain is not always a bad thing.

Everybody Loves Twinkies

– Dave

8 thoughts on “Mondays Are A Good Day For Some Learnin’

  1. Hmmmm… So my smug pride at going light and carrying only a couple of patterns to my home waters – knowing that they, and only they, work – is bullshit. I should have known.

    Thanks for the wakeup, Dave.

    • no worries Mike, I usually have no idea what I’m talking about, and that goes double when it comes to the world of fish. On the opposite end smug pride is all that usually gets me through the day so I’d have to say, go with it.

  2. so if I bring a couple of Y2K’s and tear them up even though they don’t look like any bug in your part of the world, will you be sad? ask Mike about our 100 fish day in Juan’s Dam Hole with “Juan 2K’s”

  3. I’m glad you wrote this. I’ve been struggling lately in a creek that I’ve fished on a constant basis for the past twelve years. This year we’re having a kayak fishing series of tournaments on the Elkhorn (in KY) and I’m averaging one or two fish, less than 10″ long each. I’ve been getting a little discouraged because I’ve always done better than this on these waters. Come this Saturday, I throwing the kitchen sink.

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