Hogs Can Fly

The long anticipated new addition to my little boating nuclear family has arrived. She runs in less than an inch of water on step, and drafts 6 or less on the oars. I do have a poling platform for various flats related activities, and I will be obtaining a prop for that yami’ so she’s salt ready for the winter. I’m thinking I’ll call her….”perfect”.

Lovin Life,

– dave

14 thoughts on “Hogs Can Fly

    • yeah man i ran it up there a bunch last weekend, it took maybe 5 minutes to get from Hickory Tree to the ramp at the stair steps.

  1. is it as stable as it looks? how does it handle with the jet on it? row decent? this boat is on my very short list once I get my lund sold…

  2. Nice. Very nice. Looks like you’ll be having fun with her.

    I still haven’t gotten the Aluminum Bastard in water yet. Shoot me.

    • Roll away, but I ran up from the 2 nd power line to the weir on the s Holston off generation. And she was running over wet rocks on plane

  3. How’s it do running slow speeds with the jet? I have some rivers where I have to pick and choose the route…moving slow. Decent control?

  4. Hey Dave,

    Now that you have had a chance to run your Hog Island Skiff, what do you think?

    The reason I’m asking is that I run a jet sled on the rivers here in the Texas Hill Country—mainly, the Colorado river near Austin. My current rig is a all welded 17 ft aluminum jon boat. It’s a great rig except for two drawbacks—it’s heavy and rows like a brick!

    Would love to have some input on your rig. Really thinking about giving the hog Island a closer look. Enjoying your blog post and if you ever find yourself in Austin give me a call and we will go for a float.

    Kind regards,
    All Water Guides

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