Winners and Losers

One can’t exist without the other, and this past weekend pretty much proved it. While Steve and I were down in the Low Country playing with his new Towee Boat (sweet job Todd, everybody should check these out…really slick little boat), and not catching red fish, A couple of other fellars here at SCOF were busy kicking some serious bass ass and taking names. Ryan (SCOF Videographer) and Murphy (SCOF advertising sales and staff West Virginian) entered themselves in the 4th Annual Float and Fly Fishing The Greenbrier River Catch and Release Smallmouth Bass Tournament, and somehow managed to win the whole damn thing. Team SCOF took 1st place and Murphy took the overall individual prize with Ryan coming in a close and hilarious second. The only thing Ryan had to say for himself was that Murphy will be getting punched in the stomach when he least expects it. Congragulations fellas, and thanks for picking up the slack for the rest of us.

– Dave

10 thoughts on “Winners and Losers

    • Matt, don’t make it any worse on the rest of us here at SCOF then
      it already is. Who knew the first time Murphy ever won anything would be the last time we be the last time the rest of us ever stopped hearing about it.

  1. Awesome, congrats to both! If not an upcoming feature, would love to know what these hawgs were hitting.

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