Monsters Do Exist

We here at SCOF vehemently oppose the pervasive behavior of peddling grip and grins across the intraweb…most of the time. Our buddy Matt Milner sent me a pic of one of his young Jedi clients, and what is absolutely the biggest cuttie we have ever seen. Jack Barton is the angler (12 years old) and this creature of the deep was boated on an eight foot four weight. To put things into perspective, the current Arkansas state record cutthroat is a measly 9.9 pounds. Matt swears this bad boy would have weighed in at twelve…we tend to believe Matt in matters such as these. Well done young man, and Matt, get the jet warmed up we’ll be heading your way just as soon as we can come up with an excuse to give the wives…right now we’re leaning towards mission work.

– Dave

7 thoughts on “Monsters Do Exist

  1. I think I just crapped my heart out….yep. Seriously???? on a 4 wt???? Thanks for the reminder of why a beard with greatness is the most important tool a guide can have, its the only way that fish was landed, it knew how futile it was to try and resist the power of the beard.

  2. That is the biggest cut I have ever seen period….. Holy shit… That one might should have been documented… Not a trophy hunter myself but that youngster could have a youth world record there…

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