It’s starting to feel a lot like Spring in a lot of places around the Southeast, and my flip flops are at shop being polished up as I write this. We figured the time for selling hoodies had just about passed us by. So we took all of our mad hoody money and re-invested it not only in ourselves, but reinvested it in America…if you consider America to be our old hippie screen printer down the street. Steve has come up with some pretty all right new T-Shirt designs and they are now available in our store. We only had enough to makes small runs of each so get them while they last (which we hope won’t be long…I want to take the t-shirt money and roll it over into an inflatable castle for the office).

– Dave

One thought on “Swag-a-dasical

  1. Those T’s are rockin man. I love the soft-hackle one. I bet you’ll be sold out before you know it. Seriously, did Steve go to fashion school or something when he was a kid. He is far too good at this design stuff. Props guys.

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