2012 Tie On A Thon…All Wrapped Up

So the numbers are still being crunched, but we can say with a fair amount of confidence that this year’s Tie-One-On-A-Thon was a resounding success. We had more tiers, prizes, attendees, flies tied, and most importantly made more money for Project Healing Waters this year compared to last year…so in Spinal tap terms this year was an 11. We would like to thank all the sponsors that helped us put on the event this year, especially our main two co-sponsors Cameron Mortenson, of the Fiberglass Manifesto, and Hunter Banks Fly Shop. Without ya’ll it would be just us, and we’re pretty lame so once again thanks for all the support, and enjoy the pretty pictures.

– dave

3 thoughts on “2012 Tie On A Thon…All Wrapped Up

  1. wish I could have made it there. That is a long way to drive from ATL, maybe if gas prices were lower and it wasnt a week worth of work to make the drive. It is awesome that you do this and I hope this continues year after year. Oh and any spinal tap refrence esp “Ours goes to 11” is amazing thanks again for reminding me why I religiously read your stuff.

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