Another In A Long Line Of Costly Boat Decisions

The details are tough and go right now, and wifey still needs to be tranquilized, but meet the newest arrow in my boat quiver. With a 40/30 Yamaha jet, oar locks, poling platform, and a Yeti rowers seat she’s gonna look sporty to say the least. Now I just gotta figure out how to put in a pop up camper on that thing, because I may be living in it for  a while. I would like to thank John St. John over at Hog for finally coming up with a swiss army boat for all of us that fish a lot of different stuff, and need a boat that can keep up.

8 thoughts on “Another In A Long Line Of Costly Boat Decisions

  1. So with the oar locks you will be able to drift it down the river? I have been trying to make a decision on a boat for a long time. I live next to the Catawba River and Lake Wylie. I am torn on a boat I can take on both. I will be interested to see how this works out for you.

    • Yeah Matt, I’ll be able to motor up river and the control the boat with the oars to set up downstream drifts, and when we find fish we’ll motor back up and repeat the drift. It’s a pretty deadly way to fish a big river. I’ll also be able to run it down in charleston for redfish with the poling platform installed.

      • Keep updating about this boat. The versatility makes it sound great. I am having a real problem pulling the trigger. Mainly because I know that whatever decision I make it is a final one. I am also married. I have been looking into the higher end inflatable drift boats that cost just as much but do not have a motor option. Again love the site and keep on promoting Southern Fly fishing.

      • nice..I’ve been eyeballing this boat since they started mocking it up. I think it would be great for the rivers, small lakes, and carp flats of the midwest…

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