Stuff, Stuff, And Shots To The Junk

Tie-One-On-A-Thon: We are in the homestretch with the event coming up this Sunday. We will have tickets at the door but if you’re in Hunter Banks between now and then go ahead and grab one there…just ten bucks for a great cause. We’ve got more tiers this year, and a whole lot more stuff to give away. Thanks to our sponsors, this year is going to be swag-tastic. So come on down to Steve’s studio this Sunday, and hang with some cool folks….you will probably walk away some free stuff to boot.

Enough Free Stuff To Choke A Donkey

The Store Has Been Renovated…And Now Looks Like “The Limited” At The Mall: Through a lot of hard work, and a lot of Guatemalan dry wall crews, we have managed to completely change the look and functionality of our store, so you might want to give it a  look. If you’re over there, check out the new Trucker Hats Steve came up with…sicky sicky gnar gnar (thanks James…best saying ever). Buy them while they last.

A Reward For Reading All The Way To The Bottom Of This Post: Almost four straight minutes of nut shots…

– dave

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