Livin’ High On The Hog With Gink and Gasoline

Kent and louis, our co-conspiring contributors over at Gink and Gasoline, made it up last week for a few days of fishing and general debauchery. Laughs were had, hooks were removed from both fish and human, and we all hugged a lot at the end…kind of like your family reunions, I’m sure. Look for a bunch of content from this trip coming your way over at the boys’ blog. Until then I made Steve take some pics as usual. Happy Monday.

3 thoughts on “Livin’ High On The Hog With Gink and Gasoline

  1. SCOF,

    Wow, all I can say is you two really made the trip a memorable one. Louis and I cannot thank you both enough for guiding and pamperung us. It was a complete blast. I very much look forward to returning the favor in June. Keep up the great content and pimpin that swag SCOF gear. I will hit you two up soon.

    Kent Klewein

  2. Well between Gink and SCOF my boss hates me and my addiciton/passion for fly fishing. Kent and Louis have provided one of the best and most informitavie blogs on the net and Dave keep up the great work, SCOF is extemely enteraining and really helps to showcase the many fishing options here. After following both sites religiously for about 3 months I feel like i have been fishing with yall for 10 years. Keep up the great work, soon your works will be one of my connections to the Dixie as I am heading for the freestone rivers of the west to begin a guiding career this summer. P.S. I love my SCOF shirt I got at the show in ATL and have had a couple guys ask about it on the river, and my truck looks alot better with your stickers on it.

    Sanford Anthony

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