Musk A Love

Yes Alice, there is a Musky Fly Fishing World Championships, and this year it’s in Tennessee. We here at SCOF are proud to be a part of this inaugural tournament populated by the mad max types of the fly fishing community. We’re not sure if this many Musky fisherman have ever congregated anywhere outside of Wisconsin, but we’re imagining it’s gonna be a lot like the first time all the little people got together on the set of the Wizard of Oz…bonkers. Look for a gonzo style feature in the next issue recounting all the ins and outs of this first Musky Fly Fishing World Championships. Does anybody know where I can borrow some wire leader and an Amish outfit? We’ve got a tournament to fish. Click here for all the tournament details.

– dave

One thought on “Musk A Love

  1. Ah, muskie…hit the weight room to prepare yourself for hucking chickens with a 10wt.

    I probably spent fifty or sixty hours last year trying; if my (gear-chucking) friend at the other end of the boat didn’t catch one in my presence, I’d put them in the same category as bigfoot & unicorns. Oh well, 2012 is a new year…

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