Holy Crap We’re Getting Professional

Couple of quick things fly guys and gals. We have updated our store with some new merch, and made that thing all professional like with carts, checkouts, all major credit cards accepted, and stuff. Special shout out to our boys over at paypal for holding down the block as far as e-commerce store fronts are concerned. We have also just made our first run at technical shirts. The fellas at Free Fly Apparel were nice enough, to partner up with us, to make a special edition SCOF bamboo flats shirt. We first saw these down at Low Country Fly Shop and knew we had stumbled onto something. These shirts are soft enough that I’m trying to talk the boys at Free Fly into making me a matching bamboo Snugee and banana hammock set…I got my fingers crossed.

So check out the new shirts, and buy your merch like a straight up gangster with our new paypal backed electronic store front.

– Dave

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