2012 Is Going to Be SCOFtastic

Another new year has come and gone, and I for one am ready to get on with it. The it being, fishing more in 2012 then I did in 2011 (with a special emphasis on scoring my two-year old son his first trout on the fly). It being a new year and all I was going through my 2012 calendar and realized that we have a lot of stuff going on this year. Just so no one says I didn’t fill them in on SCOF goings ons, here is what will be going down in no particular order:

  • Winter Issue. The new winter issue is dominating all our hopes and dreams at this point. There is a ton of work left, but fear not. It’s going to be pretty sick with a special emphasis on southern fried road trips. Look for the new issue around the middle of January.
  • The Great Southern Fishing Show. The SCOF Roadshow will be heading to Atlanta on the weekend of January 21st. If you are anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta that weekend you owe it to yourself to come on by our booth and hang out. SCOF contributors, merch, and awkward conversation should be plentiful.
  • 2nd Annual Tie One On A Thon Benefiting Project Healing Waters. The first one was so nice we thought we should do it twice. Sponsors are being cozied up to, vices are being polished, and we will have a lot more details coming in the next couple of weeks. But go ahead and block off late February to join us for what has become the best,”fly tying charity event that incorporates local microbrews, and takes place in Steve’s art studio” ever organized.

…and that’s just the next couple of months. Keep checking back because we have plenty of other stuff in the works.

– Dave

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