A Pause For The Cause…A Couple Days In The Low Country

Got back last night from a two-day “business” trip down to the low country. Got to hang out and fish with a bunch of good folks including (but not limited to): Capt. Paul Rose, the dudes from Low Country Fly Shop, Mad Mike Benson, and some dude that after a few cocktails was very convincing in his role as Gary Busey…I later found out he was not Gary Busey…he wasn’t even Nick Nolte for that matter. The next question is, “How was the fishing?”. Well, it sucked if you must know. Two days…one rat….and a whole lot of blind casting. The fish were there, the wind blew, and the sun was much like a set of pasties…just enough to get you excited, but never really giving you what you want in the end. The more salt I fish, the more it seems that I am the unluckiest man on the planet, and also that the weatherman must pay for his incompetance…pay dearly. Like all road trips though, good times were had, and the people you meet stick with you a lot longer than the fish you catch…oh yeah, and my liver hurts. Enjoy some pics with very few fish.

– Dave

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