More Goings Ons

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Taqueria Tuesday have all come and gone. People died in the aisles, other people stepped over that dead person on their way to the video game section, some people were maced, other people were beat, and generally poor behavior was on full display. In order to bring a little sanity back to the holiday shopping season we here at SCOF are happy to announce Independent Regional Online Fly Fishing Flip Page Magazine Wednesday (IROFFFPMW for short). To celebrate, what will ultimately become the most successful online retail marketing campaign yet, we are throwing some new gear your way…at a modest price of course.

The SCOF Mayfly Hoodie just dropped like a baby covered in Crisco….

Also some new stickers to cover your stuff with,

Any orders placed this week will get free shipping and some sticker love on us. Stop by the store and buy something, we don’t want to have to pepper spray any one, but we will.

– Dave

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