The Aftermath

The image above is just hilarious it has no relevance to the post.

It’s funny, you would think after releasing the first issue of our magazine I would be somewhere fishing, sipping on a PBR, surrounded by the Fly Girls from In Living Color, but alas no…I have been dutifully performing shop monkey duties for the past three days. Being a shop monkey does however, put me in front of the computer when customers aren’t in the shop (that’s for you Jeff…my boss), and the first issue has been blowing the f* up. We have been mentioned by a lot of national fly fishing media outlets (thanks Orvisnews and Midcurrent), prominent blogs (thanks to all you guys…you know you are), as well as message boards across the country. My personal favorite has to be the folks that have personally called me…on my phone…to tell me how SCOF has finally filled the void of a great magazine about where we fish. The stats keep racking up and we are adding a ton of subscribers. For all of this, we would like to thank all of you.

This weekend we are going to have a booth right by the casting pool at the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo. We hope everybody will stop by and say hello. We’ll have a some of the contributors from the issue hanging out, Thomas Harvey tying intermittently, and I’ll be there drinking PBR out of a coffee mug into the wee hours of the early afternoon.

If we don’t see you there, thanks again for giving our little magazine a chance, and if you really like it…don’t be afraid to tell everyone you know via all of the intra-web tools available to you.

– dave

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. It’s an awesome publication. I enjoyed every page flip and will going through it on several more occasions. I like the hole Southern Culture theme going on too. Hey maybe the band will do a song about ya’ll! I want to do some fly fishing with you guys sometime. I admire the streams and scenery you’re seeing and hey, KY ain’t that far away! I’ve heard banjos playing too.

  2. Had all intentions of coming this weekend. Instead I’ll be getting punched in the face by my dentist…..or maybe he will just pull my tooth but i’m sure it will feel all the same. I put up a post on the BRM blog about the magazine…give it a look you’ll enjoy it. Come to NY with us in DEC?


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