Trip Planning 101

So we have once again put our feet to the fire and approached our upcoming Albie trip much like a crowd would approach exiting a burning building. In the least orderly fashion possible. For a while there it looked like our Albie trip was going to wind up at the bottom of a huge pile of humanity Walmart style. Fortunately for us my clients needed to reschedule a trip, in turn opening up a three day window of Albie Mania early next week. So today I thought I would go through my general trip planning process for those of you that care to listen.

Lodging: Once a destination is picked I go through my Facebook friends list and start putting out feelers to all of those folks that fall within the  appropriate geographic constraints as to the availability of couches, outbuildings, garages, or any other place to rest my head that includes the word free in the description.

Ground Transportation: This can go one of two ways. If I need to haul a boat, I try to convince Wifey that my truck is in good enough working order to make the trip…it usually is not. If I don’t have to haul the boat, I try to convince Wifey that my truck is in good enough working order for her to drive while I’m gone, so I can take her more gas friendly ride…it usually is not.

Maritime Transportation: This is where most people who aren’t fishing guides would hire a guide to arrange all of the boat requirements for a trip. Unfortunately for guides, we are usually too poor to hire other guides (it’s a vicious cycle) so I will refer you back to the tactics used to secure lodging…the same principle applies to arranging a boat.

Gear: Here again we run into our old friend the almighty dollar. I would love to buy a new rod and reel every time I take a trip but unfortunately I enjoy being married (as well as my testicles) so this isn’t really an option. Fortunately I have friends who for whatever reason have been able to bribe, sneak, or outright lie their way into gear that I covet for my trip. I often find a well placed 12 pack of PBR, and promises of reparations for any damage (wink, wink, nod, nod) will usually ply them sufficiently enough to allow me to walk away with arms full of 10 wt’s…suckers.

Flies: Find people that are better tiers than you and shamelessly blow smoke up their asses until you have convinced them that tying you up a box of flies really is a privilege for them.

Day Of Trip Chaos: Speed is the key here. Wives and significant others usually choose this time to realize what they are allowing you to do, and the burden you are leaving them with. Freak outs are a common occurrence here, oh yeah did I mention the guilt? So forgo organization, and stuff as much crap into bag as possible and just assume you are going to have buy some new stuff when you get there. Trust me when I say the cost of new stuff is way cheaper than the cost of staying in the combat zone dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

So there it is folks, 6 easy steps to planning your next successful fishing trip. I would just like to thank all the people that have made  my Fall Albie trip possible with little or none of my money actually invested…you guys are the best.

– Dave


3 thoughts on “Trip Planning 101

  1. I’m leaving on a trip this Monday morning. My gear suitcase looks like Frankenstein’s monster — a broken wheel has been replaced by duct tape securely fastened over rocks yanked out of the Madison, two handles are missing, separated seams have been stitched together with 20 pound mono, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get the odor of used fishing net out of the inside. TSA dogs must love it!

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