Wednesday’s Will Now Be Known As…Just The Tip Wednesdays

I wanted to use this title in the mag for the “Stratergizing” section but thought it might be a little much, but for the blog it seems just about right. I realized this morning that I am guilty of too often tickling the funny bone, and not often enough giving the old brain a tickle, so the idea of Just the Tip Wednesdays was born. From now till eternity we will use the middle of the week to share some of our limited knowledge about the technical aspects of fishing in the South in the form of a tip. Now I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually am a full-time fly fishing guide who spends close to two hundred days on the water guiding, scouting, and some days just playing grab ass with fish. So here we go folks…Just the Tip….

When streamer fishing for trout or any other species try using a non slip loop knot to give your flies more action. By adding the loop into the system your streamers will swim with more motion than if they were tied with a knot that bound them to the end of the leader like an improved cinch knot.

Wow, that felt good, I haven’t been that serious in years…so welcome to Just The Tip Wednesdays…we hope you come back.

– Dave

One thought on “Wednesday’s Will Now Be Known As…Just The Tip Wednesdays

  1. Good tip! I like to use a very short leader (5-6 feet) made of a single piece of tippet material and a sinking or sink tip line. It eliminates the belly in a floating line. The sinking line and short leader will allow you work the streamer in a more lifelike manner because they are both on the same depth in the water column.

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