Nomad Nets: Light Weight, Durable, And It Comes In The Cutest Drab Green Color

Sometimes we do things a certain way because we have always done them that way…that is until someone comes along, kicks you in the ass and shows you a much better way. Well, that foot in your ass belongs to Kevin Best, at Nomad Fly Fishing, and he has basically re-invented how fishing nets should be made. Wood and metal are great choices if you need a table or a chair, but fiberglass/carbon fiber composite seems to make a lot more sense for a tool that will spend its life in and out of water, digging into river rocks, and generally being abused day in day out. Not to mention the fact that a boat net that weighs as much as a PBR is just too good to be true.

Seeing as I had just laid another metal boat net to rest after I got aggressive on digging a client’s fish out of a rock pile, I was in need of something new and better. One google checkout later, and I was opening up my new Nomad, wearing nothing but a grin from ear to ear…don’t ask, but know that it was always a little weird at my childhood birthday parties. I have only put the wood to my new composite net on one trip so far, but first impressions include wow, zowee, and ka-blam! From the rubbery grip to the built-in ruler on the handle, Nomad Fly Fishing is the best thing that has happened to nets since they stopped using them to catch crazy people. We are going to give the net a full review in this winter’s issue after we have been able to put a little more abuse on it, but until then, go ahead and plan on getting an early start on this winter’s kindling pile. Trade that wood albatross in for a Nomad, the 21st century will thank you.

Trying to figure out an acceptable way to tell Wifey, that I would like an open marriage to include my new net,

– Dave

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