We Have A New Contest…And It’s About To Get Hairy

We’ve been cooking up some photo ideas for the new issue, and I need the hairiest back in the region. Thus the first official SCOF Sasquatch contest has been born. Email us a photo of your back in all it’s Chubaca glory and the dude (or lady I suppose) with the thickest back forest will win a wonderful prize package including a free ticket to the SCOF Kegger @ The  Moon Tower event (a.k.a post South Holston River Fly Festival Keg Party and Low Country Boil), a fistful of SCOF stickers, and a new SCOF T-Shirt. Your wook patch will also be prominently featured in our fall issue for all your friends and family to bask in. Please email all submissions to southerncultureonthefly@gmail.com, and let the fur fly folks.

We will require the winner to come to Asheville to do a studio shoot with our Art Director Steve…don’t worry he’s very gentle.

– Dave

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