Southern Fried Bass

We here at SCOF love all things Southern. From Skynyrd to Budweiser bikinis we believe everything is just generally better in the South. This love for all things Southern extends to our finned friends, and today we are happy to bring you our very own Charlie Daniels of the Bass world, the venerable Shoal Bass. I recently got turned onto the species by our new friend Henry Jackson at Flint River Kayak Fishing down in Georgia. According to my Encyclopedia Britannica the Shoal Bass makes his home in  river drainages throughout Florida, Alabama, and Georgia (much like Charlie Daniels except switch out river drainages for dive bars), and wasn’t even recognized as a separate species of Bass till 1999 being lumped in with Red Eye Bass, till then, once again proving scientific biases towards the South…which explains my C- in high school chemistry. At the present I have yet to shake hands with my new friend the Shoal Bass, but I plan on turning my electronic correspondence into a face to face meeting very soon.

– Dave


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