Hello, Is Anyone Still Here?

Sooooo, haven’t posted in a while…but I guess that’s a little obvious at this point. My only explanation for my absence is one I’m sure all you fishy folks will understand…I was fishing. The guide season is upon us and I am busier then a rabbit with four peters at a petting zoo (I have always wanted to use that expression). I hope my pronounced silence on the world-wide web didn’t leave anyone thinking that we had folded up in the middle of the night and skipped town leaving you with nothing but a venereal disease and a cavity where your kidneys used to be. Rest assured here at SCOF we will not sleep, eat, nor defecate until we have achieved total domination…what we dominate doesn’t really matter all that much.

Since this is the first post in a while, here’s an update on what we’ve been doing.

  • SCOF Kegger At The Moon Tower, a.k.a The South Holston Fly Fishing Festival After Party to benefit Rivers Way. Here at SCOF we like to give back (mostly by drinking beer and fishing), so we are sponsoring an after show party on the South Holston directly following the South Holston River Fly Show (where I will proudly be manning the first ever SCOF booth) on August 13th. The details are getting less sketchy by the day but so far we are busy locking down an all you can eat low county boil, regional microbrew kegs, night fishing forays of the mouse variety, and maybe even a “Stroke Kelly Galloup’s Mustache Booth” (we are really crossing our fingers on that last one), all for a reasonable contribution to the folks at River’s Way so they can keep doing the important work they do with under privileged kids. Oh yeah did I mention this all going down at our friend Juddie’s farm on the South Holston? Stay tuned for more details as we get them.
  • SCOF Goes To New Orleans. Have you ever wanted to watch a grown man beg? Well come on down to the convention center in New Orleans on August 20th in New Orleans where I will be getting my knees dirty for two days clamoring for a pittance from the fly fishing industry. I will be regularly doling out tales of my shameless sales attempts as well as any other happenings I might overhear in the Men’s room at this years AFFTA Trade Show. Also expect a Gulf feature in the fall issue as there is no way that I am gonna be that close to Redfish heaven without getting a little taste for myself.
  • New Contributors. Seems like the Fall Issue has been well received and we are in the process of broadening our horizons. We really want to represent the entire region and in order to do that we need folks across the region that can help us out. Luckily for us people have started knocking on our door. The Fall issue is guaranteed to have some new voices thrown in the  mix. One of these voices will be making a high-pitched squeal on the blog this week with a special guest post. I can’t wait to find out who it is, can you?
I hope every one missed us…because we’re back…nose hair and all,

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