Cicadas Appear To Be Delicious…Especially When They’re Aged 13 Years

If you don’t know, you best ask somebody. These ground dwellers have started poking their beady little heads up, and the fish are already lining up at the buffet table to do their part. As I write this, the thirteen year brood is hatching around various parts of the South, and there is nothing quite like fishing a giant black foam cicada and watching the biggest fish in the river (or lake) rise up like a dumb ass to inhale it. Check the map to see where the closest red-eyed bloodbath is in relation to your current location, then immediately go there and wait until you see the swarms. Once it starts it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to two months before they are gone for anther thirteen years. Carpe Diem (or grab that f’n carp for you non-latin speaking types).

– dave

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