Preview Issue…We Think You Like It

One week since the release of the preview issue and we have been kind of quiet just letting the whole thing sink in. We have had over 2100 readers so far, and have received some great reviews of the issue from some players in the industry, including the Drake and Orvis News. What does all this mean? I was hoping someone could tell us because we have no idea. We think it means folks really like our little magazine, but I have a suspicion that it really means my mother has somehow pulled off an elaborate ruse, single handily creating a media buzz while at the same time hacking peoples accounts and morphing into the voices of Geoff Mueller and Phil Monahan, all in an effort to make her little boy feel special.

“So, where do we go from here?”,  is the question of the day.  Our first fall issue will be out in October, but until then we are going to be like that creepy Uncle that came for Thanksgiving dinner and at Christmas dinner you realized he never actually left. We have events in the works (think summer field party with low country boil and kegs all in the name of charity located on one of our favorite tailwaters), we are going to poke our heads up at the S. Holston show in August with a booth, and we will probably be doing another sticker give away in the not too distant future.  Check back in real regular like, because the SCOF shit storm has only begun.

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