The Spring Preview Issue Is Alive…and Awesome

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It has been a veritable log flume around SCOF headquarters for the past week.  The lows have been truly low and the highs, well the highs have been better than huffing a bag full of glue out of a meth heads belly button. After switching providers at the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute we have had a week to tweak everything…like a purple nurple on a fourth grader with glasses. We are proud to announce that the issue is 100% complete (unless someone finds a typo…which please don’t tell us about if you do…Steve might not make it through another issue upload), and all the links, video and mobile platform work.

So a little housekeeping is in order.  Ryan Dunne’s video Bluelines and Banjos video opens in a separate window from the issue, and be warned it takes a minute to load. We wanted to present it in the highest definition possible and figured a little bit of load time was worth seeing those wild fish in full High Definition. If you’re severely ADD and the Ritalin just isn’t helping, hit the video and browse the rest of the mag while it loads…it’s worth it. We have linked everything in the issue we could think of so when you are flipping through don’t forget to give every page a thorough cavity search and the links will light up when you hover over them. Last but not least we have made SCOF mobile. You can down load the issue through our website on the iPhone and iPad. We have optimized the issue to be viewed in iBook so you can still watch the video and explore all the different links. If you are on the Droid operating system download the Issuu app and search Southern Culture On The Fly.

Steve and I would like to thank all of our great contributors (click their bios in the mag to check out their professional sites) for giving up their time and skills helping us make a magazine that we hope Southern Fly Fisherman can be proud of. We would also like to thank Curtis Wright Outfitters and Hog Island Boatworks for going out on a very long, thin limb and becoming our first paying advertisers. Steve and I put a lot of ourselves, and more than a little bit of our sanity into this project, and we are pretty confident that the magazine is only going to get better as we move forward (Fall Issue drops October 2011 with more features and departments). So, if you have suggestions, criticisms, story ideas or any other feedback please share, but just remember…I cry a lot…for no reason…sometimes for days at a time.


2 thoughts on “The Spring Preview Issue Is Alive…and Awesome

  1. I like the layout and photos are awesome. I got linked to the site through the Drake and glad I did. Looking forward to the next issue.

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