We’re All Gonna Die

Eventually at least, but for right now I just like saying it randomly and at inappropriate times.  I like to lob it out  during any awkward silences  when driving with buddies, down the highway, on the way to the river. Also a great phrase to throw at clients when setting the boat up on any scary looking whitewater runs. “We’re all gonna die”, is never something you want to hear your guide say when your life is actually in his hands.  Most folks will realize you are joking but that nagging feeling of,”Oh help me Lord, is he serious?” is always out there, and most people don’t do too good a job of masking the impending doom on their face…and in the end even a cheap thrill is a thrill. So this coming guide and fishing season I plan to utter my little mantra early and often in all situations.  Some days I will scream it at the top of my lungs to convince the audience that I am a raving a lunatic and we are all going down in flames…other times I will mutter it under my breath, barely audible to my unwilling participants, in order to plant the “Did I just hear that right?” seed for the rest of the day.  Any way you say it it’s just plain fun.


2 thoughts on “We’re All Gonna Die

  1. my life has been in your hands before. there was no need for your mantra, it was just understood. and yes, I saw my precious life flash before my eyes and it was thrilling!

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