Project Raftzilla 1.0: We Got the Rubber(s)

I am pretty sure the phrase, “Honey I got a new boat.” is one of the quickest ways to get a swift kick to the groin delivered by your significant other. The kick is harder and swifter when you already have a couple of boats taking up her spot in the garage. So this time around I tried to avoid all the testicle violence and buy a boat in the name of SCOF, a faceless media company who in no way has junk to punish. Well, one sore groin later and SCOF officially has a new raft of our very own. Everyone please give a big how do you do to the new SCOF beater raft, and accompanying beater trailer.

She’s a little rough around the edges but she’s all ours. We have big plans for the little raft including a complete trailer upgrade, new rod racks, anchor, grab handles, and a brand new paint job (we’re thinking urban butterfly camo…and I am completely serious).  But before the work gets started we wanted the rubber to meet the road, so to speak, and took her on a little pleasure cruise down the Upper Watauga yesterday.We even managed to introduce a few of the resident fish to our rubber, none of which were for worse for wear…just a little confused with a hint of plummeting self esteem. Check back in with us as we’ll put all the improvements up on the blog as we get around to them.

– Dave

3 thoughts on “Project Raftzilla 1.0: We Got the Rubber(s)

  1. You cant call it rough around the edges if it has a full frame on it…I tell everyone mine is just a gear raft but its one of my daily commuters with only a day frame…

    • Thanks Pam, the way we look at it is that rafts are a lot like fishing trucks the more beat up it is the more experience it has.

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