Our Buns Have No Seeds

After releasing the media kit on the blog yesterday we got our first email offering up some constructive criticism. Since we aim to be a magazine for the people, of the people we decided to go ahead and publish our new friend Leonard’s critiques.

Stumbled across you guys and thought – Great! A new original fly e-zine! But then I noticed you’re already getting away from that Southern originality before your first issue even drops. Your department names, like Gluttony/Sloth, have The Drake written all over them,¬†themeing your issues like Sleeping in the Dirt and Blood Knot do, tapping into music/art as if you were looking over Thisisfly’s shoulder – your layouts even look just like Catch. “FUBU”? Really? Come on guys, get back to that original Southern twist and find your own path.


First of all let me say that we appreciate you checking our junk, so to speak, and we always welcome folks feedback on anything we put out there, so please keep giving us shit when you see fit, and don’t worry you won’t be the first, or the last person to give me shit…wifey has had that market cornered for a while now. Now to offer up a response to your well thought out and might I say quite well written note.

Like the man said they both have two patties,secret sauce, lettuce and pickles, but our buns have no seeds…no seeds man…see the difference.

Keep it coming,


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