NC House Bill 353…It’s Way More Exciting Than It Sounds

Yesterday a few of our state politicians introduced a bill that would give Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Striped Bass game fish protection in the coastal waters of NC. For those of you not familiar with game fish status it basically means that these fish would no longer be able to be harvested for commercial purposes and would now exist for strictly recreational fishing purposes. No more culling hundreds of Stripers, no more Redfish in gill nets, this is a good thing people. So it is once again time to write an email to your state representative and let them know these fish are too important to us to let them be eradicated by over fishing and netting, and just to show that we here at SCOF aren’t all business enjoy the Redfish Can’t Jump Trailer which some might say (including us) was a major influence in getting our state fish the game fish status that Redfish so badly deserve. Click here for more info on the bill and to find out who your state representative is so that you can take up personal residence in their inbox.


7 thoughts on “NC House Bill 353…It’s Way More Exciting Than It Sounds

  1. My letters sent today to our representatives. Bill 353 is a good step in helping a diminishing fishery AND improving a revenue stream to our island. Let’s face it, us fishermen spend a lot of money on our hobby; more fishermen, more money to the local business. This just makes good economic sense at a time when our economy could use all the revenue and job creation we can get. And, the fishing will improve not only for these species, but others also because their won’t be the by-catch.

  2. Sadly, this bill means that people who don’t fish will no longer be able to eat these fish, since they can’t be purchased anywhere. I guess only those fisherman who spend money on their hobby are allowed to catch fish. I don’t see the sense in it. Why not ban all fisherman from catching these fish instead of some? I say, “All or nothing”

  3. Just how stupid are you morons? Not only can’t you eat the 3 species any longer, but Darnell McCormick R-Yadkin wants to subsidize the displaced Commercial Fisherman with funds from the NC license. Subsidies up to $1,000.000.00 for 3 years due to lost wages. Diverting that money could cost the state between 15 million and 20 million over the 3 year period in federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration funds.
    Just how many of you idiots own a boat? Do you know the price of fuel at the dock? Are you willing to shell out 3-400. for a day guide?
    With our state having to cut so many jobs to balance the budget, Where Will the 15-20 Million dollars come from that are lost?
    You folks must be card carrying members of the CCC.

  4. Anyone for HB 353 obviously has never lived in a fishing community! These fish are abundant and commercial fishing does very little to wipe them out of our local waters. I’m curious if any of you have actually read what compensating the NC Commercial fishermen would really cost. You’re talking about putting an estimated 77 commercial fishing companies out of business. If you go to Hatteras Yachts (that make all sizes/kinds of boats) you will notice they have laid off over 50% of their work force, and you idiots think that making it a “game sport” is actually going to boost the state’s economy? No one is buying boats. No one is splurgging right now. America, as a whole, is becoming broke, and you people seriously think they’re going to spend their extra money of fishing trips? Pull your heads out of the sand and look around!

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