Trout Vs. Old People…You Decide

So last week we reported that the Federal Game and Wildlife Commission was planning on shutting down a total of nine hatcheries, and lucky us, six just happen to be in the South. One of these hatcheries even feeds fish into the tail waters I fish and guide on. So let me be the first to say that closing these hatcheries is kind of like kicking a homeless guy.  He’s already homeless do you really need to kick him?  It’s not like Appalachia has ever been known for it’s thriving industries…we have tourism and we have old people. If you take away the fish, I’m pretty sure, all we’re left with is old people, and old people smell funny.  The petition has been made and awaits your signature. Even if you don’t like trout you should sign anyway because nobody likes old people.

  • Sponsored by: CONCERNED TAX PAYERS

The federal government is planning to eliminate funding to nine Federal fish hatcheries in GA, TN, KY, UT, MO, ND, and AR, which will result in their closure. The closure of these hatcheries will have a lasting impact on local, State, and federal economies. These facilities also provide enormous ecological and social contributions to local and state communities. Nearly 7 million fish are stocked in waters across the country from only six of these hatcheries. The economic impact is tremendous – over 3,000 jobs created and a total economic output of nearly 300 million dollars is generated by privately owned businesses selling food, lodging and supplies to trout fishermen. For every dollar spent on these fishery programs a return of $67 dollars is generated in the private sector, and for each tax dollar spent producing trout, $2.34 is returned to Washington in federal tax dollars generated from private business.

It is ironic that the Fish and Wildlife Service is celebrating the 140th year of their fisheries program; the oldest program in the agency. They are celebrating this historic event by cutting the entire fisheries program by 12.4 million dollars. They are getting a 47.9 million dollar increase in their overall budget, but have chosen to spend that money on other programs and new programs, and scrap a program that brings revenue into the federal budget at a 2.3 to 1 ratio and supports over 3,000 jobs in the private sector!!!   DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN; STAND UP AND BE HEARD!

Click the here to sign the petition.

– Dave

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