Quick Hits Of Fish News To The Groin…I’m still working on the title of this feature

There are plenty of cute names for short fish news updates…I think mine is the most original.
  • The Tie-One-A-Thon is proud to announce the addition of Walker Parrott and Landon Lipke, both guides at Davidson River Outfitters, to the all-star lineup for this Sunday’s shenanigans. Get all the latest info here.
  • Cameron Mortenson, who writes The Fiberglass Manifesto blog, wrote a post about the Tie-One-A-Thon.  Check it out here, and do yourself a favor and add his blog to your regular internet (and bathroom  if you are so inclined) routine…it’s been a part of mine for a while now.
  • Six federal trout hatcheries in the South are on the chopping block including hatcheries in Arkansas and Tennessee…this isn’t gonna be good for anybody.  Get you hate mail stationary at the ready we will let you know who to direct the furor at once we figure it out. Full story here.

– dave

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