Tie-One-On-A-Thon Update

So the silence on the blog has been eerie hasn’t it?  I thought I saw a ghost on the about page, but it was just my reflection in the screen.  I do hope that it wasn’t to off-putting, but in our defense we have been kind of busy finalizing the details for what I think will turn out to be, the greatest fly tying event ever held in Steve’s Studio…I mean ever. Check out the webpage for the updated tiers and sponsor lists.  I will say that we have crafted an entertainment equation as such:

Expert Fly Tying + Local Microbrew Beer at PBR Prices + Charred Flesh Of Swine + The  Chance To Ask Your Favorite Tier Why He Makes Three Turns Instead of Two With His Wire Rib = One Rip Roaring Good Time

So tickets are going to be ten dollars and beer and BBQ will be depression era priced with every dollar going to Project  Healing Waters.  Tickets will be available at all Curtis Wright Outfitters locations, at the door, and will called by emailing me with all of you personal information (trust me I know what I am doing)…on second thought you should probably just go to CWO.  There will be an am session ticket and a pm session ticket with both sessions being topped out at fifty tickets…so get your tickets early and often folks.

Check back, as we will be updating the event info right up until the event with more giveaways, tiers, and sponsors.

– Dave

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