Coastal NC Is No Place For A Nice Striper Like You

(If You Are Not Into Heavy Metal Soundtracks…Turn Down Your Volume)

This came up on the radar a couple of days ago, and just proves the fact that lazy and stupid wins out every time.  Click Here For Newspaper Article

Apparently commercial trawlers off the carolina coast have been leaving a trail of Striper carnage in their wake miles long.  The reason for all the senseless slaughter is that under North Carolina Law there is a 50 fish limit on Striper.  So under the current law these jag offs have been culling (i.e. killing) smaller legal Stripers so they can maximize their profits.  Apparently no one has informed them that killing those stripers is eventually going to kill the fishery and any possible future profits to be gained from it. What it all amounts to is a legal slash and burn on one of the regions most beloved and respected game fish.  The only recourse recreational fisherman have at this point, is to put pressure on the powers that be to change the law to incorporate a quota that is measured in pounds not fish.  To that end here are the powers that be in the coastal counties where the law needs to change…commence the inbox filling.

– Dave

2 thoughts on “Coastal NC Is No Place For A Nice Striper Like You

  1. Georgia has a law against the “waste” of gamefish and game. I’m surprised that NC doesn’t have something like this – although come to think of it, I’m not sure that it applies to commercial fishing. Although obviously it should. Obviously, your idea for the limit being measured in pounds is not only common-sense, but vital to the continued survival of the striper. You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out of office or get it fired.

    • Yeah man, the problem here is that from everything I’ve read about stripers is that they migrate up and down the coast so the ones NC fisherman kill never have a chance to make it anywhere else. It’s a shame with as progressive as NC is with their trout regulations that this kind of crap is allowed on the coast.

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